Singapore National Aerospace NDT Board

NON- Destructive Testing Society (Singapore) has reinitiated the establishment of the Singapore National Aerospace NDT Board (NDTSS-NANDTB). This was announced at the meeting held on 8th August 2017 at Changi Airport Recreation club.  NANDTB is an independent national aerospace organization representing the nation’s aerospace industry that is chartered by the participating contractors and recognized by the nation’s regulatory agencies (CAAS) to support NDT qualification and examination services in accordance with EN4179:2017 / NAS 410 Rev4 standard. NANDTB is supported by NDTSS as secretariat for its operation. NANDTB is also the scheme committee for EN4179:2017 & NAS 410 Rev 4 Certification administered by NDTSS.

The following are the first elected board members during their meeting 16th August 2017. (Term of office 16 August 2017 -15 August 2019)

                   Name                                   Position                            Organization                                               

  1. Ms. Grace Liang                   Chairperson                          SIA Engineering Company Ltd
  2. Mr. Tay Hang Chua             Vice Chairman                      Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited
  3. Mr. Arthur Lim                    Alt.Board Member               Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited
  4. Mr. Heinrich Lim                 Board Member                     Rolls – Royce Singapore Pte ltd
  5. Mr. Dickson Tan                  Board Member                     Pratt & Whitney Canada (SEA) Limited
  6. Mr. Ratnavelu                      Board Member                     GE Aviation
  7. Mr. Steven Lee                     Board Member                     Honeywell Aerospace Singapore Pte Ltd.
  8. Mr. Tan Poh Huat                Alt. Board Member              Honeywell Aerospace Singapore Pte Ltd.
  9. Mr. Vanu                               Board Member                     ST Aerospace Engineering Pte Ltd
  10. Mr. Jason Lim                       Board Member                     ST Aerospace Services Company Pte Ltd
  11. Mr. Ong Hoe Soon               Alt. Board Member              ST Aerospace Services Company Pte Ltd
  12. Mr. Chu Pao Hua                 Board Member                     SAFRAN
  13. Mr. Salim                              Alt. Board Member              SAFRAN
  14. Mr. Steven Crummack        Board Member                     Testia
  15. Mr. Sriram Parasuram        Board Member                     Pratt & Whitney
  16. Mr. Sze Thiam Siong           Co-opted Board Member    Setsco Services Pte Ltd
  17. Mr. Charlie Toh                    Co-opted Board Member    G Mech Services Pte Ltd
  18. Mr. Geof Brett                      Co-opted Board Member    South West School of NDT
  19. Mr. Wong Chew Wah          Observer                                Civil Aviation Authority Singapore
  20. Mr. Jonathan Lee                 Observer                                Civil Aviation Authority Singapore
  21. Mr. Babu Sajeesh Kumar    Observer                                Non- Destructive Testing Society (Singapore)

NANDTB Board Roles

  • Approval and promulgation of guidelines for employers implementing EN 4179 & or NAS 410
  • Approval of outside agencies providing training and examinations to EN 4179 /NAS 410 criteria
  • Provide compliance assessments
  • Act as Scheme Committee for EN 4179 aerospace qualification
  • Provide a mechanism for interpretation, adjudication and arbitration in cases of dispute regarding the implementation of certification standards
  • Maintain an overview of the approval of outside agencies and validation of training courses
  • Consider and make recommendations on the acceptance of third party certification as meeting the qualification criteria of EN 4179/NAS 410

Operation of the Board

  • The Board shall regulate and control the implementation of employer based NDT personnel training and certification documents within the Singapore aerospace industry.
  • Formulate the policy framework for any scheme that it establishes.
  • Maintain oversight of the finances of any schemes which it may cause to be implemented, and approve the methods and levels of any charges in connection thereof;
  • Have the authority to set up working groups and committees, establish their terms of reference and set out the procedures whereby they report to the Board.
  • Neither the Board, its Chairperson, individual members, the bodies they represent, nor any working party or sub-committee appointed by the Board shall carry any financial liability for any scheme(s) operated for the Board, or be liable for any damages resulting, or claimed to have resulted, from decisions of personnel implementing the scheme(s), or for any consequential loss arising out of the operation of the scheme(s).

Board Contact


Ms. Grace Liang ( Email

Membership for Corporate – Aerospace

Mr. Jayesh Bhatt ( Email: