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NDT Personnel Certification Complies with EN ISO 9712: 2012 Standards. NDTSS SGNDT Scheme is Accredited by SAC in accordance ISO/IEC 17024

Singapore NDT Certification Scheme (SGNDT)

Examinations are available on request for ISO 9712:2012 & EN 4179:2009 ( Aerospace Employer Based)

 Certification Committee Chairman : Dr. Andrew Malcolm

Singapore NDT Certification Scheme (SGNDT)

EN 4179:2009 Scheme Chairperson: Ms. Grace Liang

Singapore National Aerospace NDT Board (SNANDTB)

NDT certification scheme varies globally from countries to countries. A proper certification scheme is required to produce successful NDT practitioners to suit local industry requirements. Almost all of the developed countries in the world have their own schemes, for example countries like Australia, Japan, Germany and Canada just to name a few, have developed and operated their own national NDT certification scheme.

The NDT personnel certification schemes that are enjoying global recognition includes are:

  • SGNDT – Administered by Non- Destructive Testing Society Accredited by SAC -ISO 9712 (ICNDT MRA)
  • PCN- Administered by The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Accredited by UKAS  – ISO 9712( ICNDT MRA)
  • AINDT – The Australian Institute of NDT Accredited by JAS/ANZ- ISO 9712 ( ICNDT MRA)
  • RTC – RTC Testing & Diagnostics Accredited by UKAS- ISO 9712 ( ICNDT MRA)
  • CSWIP- Administered by the Welding Institute Accredited by UKAS  (ISO 9712)
  • ASNT Level-3 – Administered by The American Society of Non-Destructive Testing Accredited by ANSI – Non ISO 9712

All of the above mentioned schemes operate independently of any private organizations and are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of their nominated certifying schemes. These central certification schemes allow qualified technicians to carry out NDT on any site for any employer.

Refer below NDTSS code of Ethics, Policy, Forms & Relevant Procedures

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Exams can be scheduled every Saturday unless falls on public holiday from 9.00am to 17.00hrs, Ultrasonic Testing Examination are Scheduled from Friday 9.00am onwards.

Schedule your examination with Ms. Cheryl Khoo – Certification