MOU with Foreign Institutions

NDTSS has signed an MOU with AINDT on 27th August 2009 at OPE Conference in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Singapore National Aerospace NDT Board (SNANDTB)

NDTSS is glad to announce the Singapore National Aerospace NDT Board is established on 17th September 2012. Members & Professional engaged in aerospace industry shall duly register with the board to function in the aerospace industry.

NDTSS & AAIS had signed an MOU on 17th September for the partnership to provide support to SNANDTB.


The AAIS and NDTSS agree to enter into further discussions in the following areas, relating to the establishment of the Singapore National Aerospace NDT Board (SNANDTB) in Singapore:

  1. Both party (or Parties) to provide technical advice and support to the SNANDTB
  2. Both party (or Parties) to update on any new standards, developments and requirements

Details of Registration, Please contact: | SNANDTB website: